Information on cookies

  1. Cookies.
  1. Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley (hereinafter referred to as “BIC”) is the administrator of the website for international projects realised by BIC and its partners (hereinafter referred to as “Projects”).
  • BIC uses cookies, click tracking, pixels, and data collection forms and allows selected partners to use them. This is to learn about how users use the Projects website and to improve the user experience.
  • Cookies are understood to be computer data, in particular text files, stored in the users’ terminal equipment (such as, for example, a computer, phone, or tablet), transmitted by websites. The Projects website does not automatically collect any other information except the information contained in cookies.
  • When you visit the Projects website, it may store or read information in your browser, in the form of “cookies”.
  1. How you can manage your cookie settings.
  1. The basis for the use of cookies and similar technologies is the legitimate interest of BIC (in the case of essential cookies) or the consent of the user (in the case of other cookies).
  • Some browsers automatically accept cookies. It is possible to change the settings of your browser so that it rejects cookies, but some website functions may then not function properly. Cookies on the Projects website are not harmful, so we recommend that you do not disable them in your browsers. At the same time, BIC is not responsible for the content of cookies sent by other websites the links to which may be placed on the Projects website.
  • A user visiting the Projects website has the option of accepting or adjusting the category of cookies that we store in their browser. The user can change these settings or withdraw consent at any time.
  • As we respect your right to privacy, you can adjust your consents for us and our partners by clicking “Manage cookies”. You can withdraw your consent at any time by changing your chosen settings.
  1. Categories of cookies used by BIC and their purpose.
  1. essential: necessary for the operation of the Projects website and cannot be disabled. Without them, basic functions (such as the registration form) would not be available on the site you visit.
  • performance and analytics: they collect aggregated, anonymous statistical data so that BIC can analyse the Projects website traffic, evaluate, optimise, and improve content, and improve the quality and performance of the website. BIC uses automated data collection tools in the form of Google Analytics to monitor the use of the Projects website. The information collected includes the number of visitors to the Projects website, the number of customers logging in, the time and date of the visit, and the areas of the Projects website used, but is not used to identify individual users.
  • they remember the options selected on the website (such as the user’s preferred language or region) and allow us to offer more advanced, personalised features. These technologies are also used to deliver content in line with the user’s previous activities or interests.
  • are used to monitor visitors to various websites. They make it possible to select content that is better adapted to the user’s tastes and needs. They may use demographic data in a form that does not allow identification.
  • social media: they allow content from the Projects website to be shared via external social media, as well as linking accounts of such social media websites to the Projects website and its functionalities. These cookies record user actions and the information they acquire can be used for outreach activities on individual social media.
  1. Sharing of information with BIC partners.BIC may share statistical information from the performance and analytics cookies with Projects partners for the purposes of the Projects’ implementation. The list of partners can be found at:łonków/.
  • BIC may share statistical, aggregated data from the performance and analytics cookies with the European Commission for reporting purposes.
  • List of cookies.
  1. essential:
File namePurposeHostDuration
 cmplz_banner-statusCookie settings 730 days
 cmplz_consented_servicesCookie settings 730 days
cmplz_functionalCookie 730 days
cmplz_marketingCookie 730 days
cmplz_policy_idCookie 730 days
cmplz_preferencesCookie 730 days
cmplz_statisticsCookie 730 days
  • performance and analytical:
File namePurposeHostDuration
_gaStatistics.indusac.pl730 days
_ga_1JTCMLDYMZStatistics.indusac.pl730 days
  • personalisation:
File namePurposeHostDuration
ays_popup_cookie_1Popup setting.indusac.pl15minutes
  • targeting:
File namePurposeHostDuration
  • social media :
File namePurposeHostDuration