INDUSAC project identity and marketing basics

In the first months of the project implementation, we delivered the report on “Project identity: brand, marketing basics and website”. The aim of this document was to provide the concept and guidelines for the project partners with the unique project brand, identity, logo, and project marketing basics (website, social media, flyer, roll-up, etc.), which were developed by a professional design agency.

A Twitter account has been launched for the INDUSAC project: Partners will post about INDUSAC activities through their corporate and personal social media accounts, and participate actively in LinkedIn groups for various project areas. Social media channels will allow the project to share important messages for quick dissemination and to establish a virtual dialogue with the same channels of stakeholders, including relevant projects and initiatives.
You can join us and follow our activities!

The INDUSAC flyer also was designed during this period of time. The flyer contains overall information and a brief description of the INDUSAC project. The flyer was provided electronically and can be forwarded via e-mail and as downloadable content from the website. Furthermore, there will also be printed versions to be used for conferences and physical events.
The flyer can be downloaded from the website: ‘Communication Toolkit’ tab.

It is considered as an ‘ongoing’ process, so, if necessary, the presented marketing materials will be updated later on during the implementation of the project.

The INDUSAC YouTube channel has been created too. This is a space where short videos and animations, as well as recordings of project-related webinars and events, and any other similar videos about the project, will be uploaded. Below you can see our first project animation.