Invitation for companies to submit challenges and work with international teams of students and researchers to find solutions

The Quick Challenge-Driven, Human-Centred Co-Creation Mechanism for INDUStry-Academia Collaborations (INDUSAC) is a HORIZON EUROPE project that aims to develop and validate an Industry-Academia Collaboration mechanism. 

In the project, we will facilitate a simple, user-friendly co-creation process, fostering the development of innovative solutions that clearly address the needs of customers, users, and the company. This co-creation process clearly meets the needs and interests of companies, students, and researchers. INDUSAC encourages participation from the EU, with a particular emphasis on engaging participants from widening countries and associated countries.

Companies from the EU and associated countries, no matter their size and sector, are invited to provide Challenges in order to receive solutions from international co-creation teams of students and researchers. Challenges can tackle very technical or very soft topics related to the products and services being developed. INDUSAC will support companies and 300 co-creation teams in 2024 and 2025 by providing infrastructure, matchmaking, monitoring, guidance, and financial support to participating students.

Companies will be asked to post challenges on the INDUSAC platform from October 2023 through pre-prepared templates and guidelines. All challenges issued before 15th of December 2023 receive letters of motivation from co-creation teams until February 2024, the selected co-creation teams will work on solutions for 4-8 weeks and provide the results in May 2024.

If you are interested and would like to receive more information, you can reach out by using the contact us form on the website here.